Parish Interview with the Whittingback sisters

Grace Hunter and Jean Shirlaw are sisters and have been members of St. Luke’s pretty well all of their lives.  In fact, Jean was baptized in the original church and Whittingback Hall in our present church was named in honour of their parents and in recognition of all seniors who worked so hard on behalf of the parish.    Both married their husbands, Forrest and Jim, in the original church and raised their daughters in the parish.

Grace and Jean started singing in the Junior Choir when they were eight years old.  The rule at that time was they had to be able to read before they could join.  They both went on to sing with the Senior Choir for many years.   They are also hard working members of the Marthas and Marys.

As a young adult, Jean was sponsored by the Dioceses of Edmonton and Athabasca and the Women’s Auxiliary to attend College, and upon her return to Edmonton, they paid her to be a youth worker in the Dioceses.  She did this for a couple of years.  She has participated in and/or helped with many other activities at St. Luke’s:  AYPA, Sunday School, and Lay Reader to name a few.

What do these ladies like about St. Luke’s?

  • Grace says it is a comfortable place to be
  • They both think it is a FRIENDLY parish
  • Grace likes to receive the “hug” when the peace is passed although that isn’t mandatory
  • Jean likes how the parish supports all events regardless of who does the organizing
  • Jean thinks the addition of Outreach Programs has enriched the parish