Who we are

We’re a community of people of different ages and backgrounds, gathering together on Treaty 6 Territory, to know how we Belong together, seeking together the hope in Christ we Believe in and living that hope as a Blessing to one another and our neighbours.


St. Luke’s is a community where all are welcome, where all belong and where we know we are better together, learning, helping and growing together in faith. Creating a space of welcome and inclusion through invitation and hospitality is one way we can be a small reflection of God’s Kingdom here in Edmonton.


We are a Christian Anglican faith community; our Joy and Hope are a gift of the Holy Spirit and the life of the Good News of God in Christ. Our faith shapes how we see the world and one another and is what connects us to one another as a church family, as God’s people. Our faith is something we do with the whole of ourselves, heart, mind, body and soul.


The Holy Spirit, at work in our faith and relationships calls us to action, to be a blessing to one another and to our wider community, striving for healing, justice, beauty and truth.