St. Joseph Day!

St. Joseph Day!

Today (March 19) was St. Joseph Day, husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary and earthly father of Jesus.

I found it an interesting day to reflect on during this time of social distancing, something I think Joseph may have known much about. He was never the centre of attention, preferring a quieter role, and even fled with his family to Egypt for safety.

As we spend much more time at home, and potentially with our families I pray we would know the gift of faith we see in Jospeh; who chose family of Spirit. May we know the grace of God’s presence and protection amongst our households.

Happy are they who dwell in your house!
They will always be praising you.

Psalm 84.3

Also St. Joseph is the patron of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Edmonton and their Ecumenical Officer Julian Hammond, presented the Anglican Diocese with an icon which can be seen in the Synod Office as a sign of St. Joseph’s care for the whole household of the church.