For the Life of the Earth

For the Life of the Earth

Weeks ago, as part of our Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday celebrations we planted seeds in some earth to remind us that we are dust, formed of the Earth.

We share the life that God has given us with all that God has made, formed from the Earth and part of all of its relationships from the droplets of rain to all of the stars in the cosmos. Here we are, a bit of dust which by grace holds a part of the life of Creator.

My seed has started to sprout!! Our Easter celebration of new life is on its way!!

On this, the first full day of Spring, I am reminded of the new and resurrected life that God breathes into us through Christ and the Spirit. The new hope and new opportunities for life and love that are blossoming around us, even in the midst of change and crisis.

I should note that only one of my kids 3 seeds have sprouted. One more is not far behind but the other doesn’t seem to have taken root. Perhaps a reminder of the parable of the sower, not every seed grew to bare fruit and multiply. We need to seek out and tend to each opportunity presented in faith. They won’t all take root, they won’t all succeed, so we need each one of them.