Reading the Bible through in a year – the readings for January : )

Reading the Bible through in a year – the readings for January : )

The readings for January are below : ) December saw us off to a good start.

If you are behind schedule, don’t worry and certainly don’t give up! : ) It’s not a race. Just be blessed as you read : )

Click on the reading schedule you want to do. The choice is either from ‘Cover to Cover’, just the New Testament or the whole thing ‘chronologically’.

Enjoy! : )




The Blog – Our Christmas at St Luke’s…

The Blog – Our Christmas at St Luke’s…

We had a great Christmas as a church family and we hope you did too : )

Our Christmas was made up of several events; our Bazaar, Messy Church, the services and a pageant too. Here are some pictures of just some of the fun we had : )


Christmas Cards being made at Messy Church


IMG_0948 2

Anything can happen at Messy Church! ‘Donkey do’ being made!! It was icing and chocolate…rather yummy! : )



Brad and Richard as two of the wise men in the pageant. When Richard heard the wise men came from the East, he thought his England scarf was needed! Lol! : )



Anne, Kevin and Trisha doing their stuff – brilliantly! : ) Never seen one of the wise men playing a guitar in a pageant before…


The final scene – thanks to everyone who worked so hard to put this on : )





Advent Sunday – Reading the Bible through in a year… : )

Advent Sunday – Reading the Bible through in a year… : )

bible-1021657_1920Today on Advent Sunday, we are starting to read the Bible through as a Church Family.  It promises to be a very enriching experience and I encourage you to have a go. If you have never done it before I can promise you the following two things:

  1. You will be blessed! : ) God will bless you and speak to you as you read His Word.
  2. The Bible will ‘shrink’ and become more accessible to you.  It will never again seem as inaccessible as it does before we read it.

So, every day from now until next Advent Sunday on December 1st 2017, we will post readings on our Facebook and Twitter feeds. These will be the readings for the day. These Facebook feed is accessible from our website if you don’t use social media.

You will have a choice of three reading plans.

  • ‘From Front to Back’ – starting at Genesis, we go through all the way to Revelation
  • ‘Chronological’ – we read the Bible in the historical order of events.
  • New Testament – instead of the whole Bible we go through just the New Testament.

I trust and pray you will be as blessed as you read.

May God bless you richly,

Richard : )