A Strong Foundation for Community Health

A Strong Foundation for Community Health

St. Luke’s is proud to have the structure of our church home restored and to become a unique historical resource in our city.

Excitement was in the air when this second location was built for St. Luke’s in 1958. It was modern, unique and beautiful. The perfect home for the growing community of faith and the work they wanted do with the surrounding neighbourhood.

Now in 2022 that excitement is present again as we remember and preserve the history of our building, while helping to ensure its place in the life of the neighbourhood for years to come.

The structural repair of one of the signature arches of the  building was a seemingly small piece of work but required a great deal of engineering. Completing the work to restore the safety and beauty of the building would not have been possible without funding support from the Anglican Foundation and the City of Edmonton. The people of St. Luke’s are grateful for the City’s care for its living history and the Anglican Foundations support of the many ministries that call this place home. 

Today the St. Luke’s building is home to three separate Christian communities, a small Indigenous owned and operated business, community league events, a weekly food bank depot, and many other groups and events which change and enhance the lives of our neighbours in body, mind, heart and soul.

The many personal donations, the Anglican Foundation funding for this restoration and the ongoing maintenance funding through the historical designation, ensure that this place of worship will continue to be available to the public for the flourishing of our neighbourhood for years to come.
Let me know if you would like me to expand on anything or if you have any particular questions or direction in mind.

The people of St. Luke’s express deep gratitude to all those who have helped keep our place of prayer safe and welcoming for all who come and take part in the many gifts of this place.

You can read more about the designation from the city here.

Yours in Christ,

Rev. Nick Trussell+

Worship Cancelled for March

Worship Cancelled for March

Please note that Sunday Worship and Wednesday Lenten study have been cancelled for the remainder of the month to comply with Health Services recommendations during this time of global pandemic.

Thursday will remain Food Bank Pickup day.

Pastoral visiting and smaller gatherings will continue, we continue to be church and lift one another, our neighbours and world up in prayer.

The Bishop’s directions can be found here https://edmonton.anglican.ca/news/caring-for-one-another-during-coronavirus-pandemic

The Alpha Course – Explore together

The Alpha Course – Explore together

Starting Thursday 12th September – the Alpha Course

We had a great time at our first session but it’s not too late to come along.

We start at 6.30pm with a meal. We watch the week’s video at 7.15pm and then chat about it in small groups.

It’s great fun and it’s all about working out together what this life is all about and what we think/believe/feel about God.

You are most welcome to join us.